People App Web Version To be Released Soon

People App vs. People App Windows
People App vs. People App Windows
July 22, 2019
People App Is About Building A Bridge
Why we engendered People App?
December 2, 2019

Today, we are happy to announce that People App’s web version is going to be released in less than a month. People App web version would allow users to enjoy most of People App features on a computer in browser. Although due to some limitations the web version would not have all the features that are available in the iOS and Android apps but the technical team has confirmed that most key features will be available in the web version.

As you might know already, many features in People App rely on GPS and would not work without knowing the geographic coordinates of the user and therefore for safety reasons and to prevent robots from generating fake contents on the platform there would be no option to generate contents in the web version at least in the first versions.

Based on released information, in the web version users would be able to chat, view notifications, edit profiles, navigate the map, search map, view the items on the map and also view geo stories (more information to be released soon).

Note: Recently there has been some confusions on whether People App is the same as Window’s so called People App (People App Windows). Although these 2 are clearly different but we decided to make some clarifications. Click here to view more the difference between People App and Microsoft’s People app.