People App and Eventbrite
People App and Eventbrite Announce Integration Partnership
March 24, 2019
People App Ticketmaster
People App and Ticketmaster Announce Integration Partnership
March 30, 2019

We are happy to announce that People App GEO Public Stories feature is now officially available in People App’s iOS version. People App stories are different from Facebook and Instagram stories in several ways. The main difference is that People App stories are public, meaning that when you post a story it would be visible to everyone (not just your friends and followers). In addition, we have made it way easier for your stories to get seen; by associating each story to a geographic location and also making the stories public we are unleashing a new and very powerful social media tool to be used by everyone to get seen without needing to have friends or even without needing to be searched.

So starting from today you can post 20 second stories which will be immediately available to all People App users. Here are few points about People App stories:

  • People App stories can be either videos or images.
  • People App stories will automatically expire after 12 hours.
  • Each user can only have 1 story at once.
  • Stories’ location is the user’s current location when the story gets posted.
  • Unlike Facebook and Instagram, People App stories can have likes and comments.
  • Each user can see how many views his own story has.
  • User’s can delete comments that are posted under their stories.
  • Stories can be reported to People App administration.

You can install People App iOS from here now.