People App Web Version To be Released Soon
August 14, 2019
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Why we engendered People App?

People App Is About Building A Bridge

Here is why we engendered People App?
✓ To eliminate extra middlemen
✓ To give everyone an equal opportunity to get seen and found based on their skills and needs.
✓ To break the borders
✓ Let the world connect freely and directly
✓ To facilitate money movement between countries
✓ To help solve poverty
✓ To help people be each other’s resource.
✓ To make it easy to learn about different cultures.
✓ To make this world a better place.
✓ To bypass the rich.
✓ To prevent uneven and non-standardized massive publicity for anyone.
✓ To stand against mainstream media and let people get the real news from each other.

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