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May 27, 2018
People App is Released
People App is Now Released on iOS and Android
June 11, 2018
People App iOS Android

With all the technological advancements people are not truly connected yet. Connecting people to each other is not in favor of most large corporations that are leading the world and that’s why we have pioneered to create People App; a platform where people from all around the world can be seen and found by their skills and needs on the map and chat instantly without any restrictions & borders.

To be seen and found you don’t need a website anymore. You don’t need a domain, Hosting, SEO, Social media profiles and you don’t need to spend a fortune to compete with million dollar companies. Why? Because in People App “there is no list”, when there is no list it means there is no order and no order means in order to be seen you don’t have to be on top of a list and you can present yourself as an individual.

In People App everyone has an equal opportunity to be seen. If you get seen & found it means you can now find others that you couldn’t see before and this means a new ERA.

Advantages for searchees (supplier) compared to other available solutions:

>> You don’t need to spend lot of money to be found on internet

>> You can be found as an individual

>> It’s easy to get found – you don’t need to get a domain, hosting, build a website, … to get found.

>> It’s instant – It’s live. People like people not robots or websites. People get the chance to connect with you immediately and directly without any middleman.

>> There is no list. In People App you don’t need to worry about ranking in a list to get found.

>> People App is international. By being on People App you are searchable internationally and that means thousands of new opportunities.

>> It’s not just about business. Start supplying other things all in one place.


Advantages for searchers (demand) compared to other available solutions:

>> People App is international. Easily navigate to other countries and connect to people around the world.

>> You don’t just find those that have a website (those that are savvy enough to build a website or fight for their online presence.)

>> You don’t only find those that are on first pages of search results (because there is no list in People App)

>> You don’t only find those that are rich enough to advertise

>> You can find individuals now not just companies. Therefore everything is less expensive, faster and easier to deal with.

>> It’s instant. It’s live.

>> Easier to search.

>> Dynamic

>> Fun

>> Categorized


Join the world and enjoy instant communication.

Click here to view People App features or download the app from iTunes.