People App features are designed and developed based on international researches and studies and a very close observation of available technologies that serve people to satisfy their needs. In most famous search engines and social medias, people or general public are considered consumers that need to connect to companies.
However, in People app we believe in something totally different; we believe people (individuals) can be suppliers of lots of services as well and great things can happen when people are truly and freely connected to each other. For complete list of features click here.


On People App, you’ll be tuned to what’s going on around you at all times whether it be events, jobs, volunteers, stories, sales, rentals, projects and of course, people. The app brings the world at your fingertips with a real-time map displaying everything going on both locally and internationally.


Whether you’re a professional looking for work or a teenager looking for a good night out or a small business owner or a housewife, People App puts you on the map. The app is designed to create an equal playing field so that you don’t have to compete on some arbitrary list to be seen. People App is built to get you seen and found. No more SEO, website building, social media marketing, … needed; just sign up and get out there!


It’s way easier to find what you’re looking for on People App. By eliminating any form of ranking system, People App helps you see more clearly and unbiased and therefore helps you find what you can’t find on other platforms in a more fashionable manner. For example when you search something how often do you go beyond the first page of search results... How often do you check resources in other countries? there are tremendous opportunities that you can't see because of the list based results and search algorithms that are built to empower companies not people.


With integrated and dedicated map, People App lets you explore everything both locally and internationally. That means you have the whole world to explore and the potential to open doors of opportunities with an international network.


We think we have revolutionised and unleashed social media stories. The main difference is that People App stories are public and as soon as you post a story on the map other users who are navigating that area will see it. Not only are you available to view people’s personal stories from all over the world while you explore the map, but you can also like and comment on your favourite ones too. By associating each story to a geographic location and also making the stories public we are unleashing a new and very powerful social media tool to be used by everyone to get seen without needing to have friends or even without needing to be searched.


With People App, being connected has never been easier. When you find what you’ve been looking for, you can simply connect with that person straight away either via video call, audio call or instant chatting. Let's say if you find a lawyer or if you see a house for sale you can simply just video call in the app… No more filling out forms, no more emails, no more middlemen - just instant connectivity.


It’s not all about business when it comes to the People App, it’s about having fun too. The app is the ultimate social media tool and allows you to post reviews, photos and travel updates, among many other things. It’s like having a social media feed which is connected with everyone else in the world and you have access to all of it.


The ability to connect with thousands of people and professionals locally or around the world creates an endless network of peers. Your skills and what you bring to the table can be viewed by anyone and you’ll build a network that would otherwise not be possible if not for People App.


In today’s day and age, it’s hard to find individuals with the exact skills you’re looking for either locally or internationally. People App eliminates the middleman that comes with search engines and connects you directly with the individual themselves which means you can become more efficient with your searches while knowing that you’re getting authentic and real results. We are the live directory of people. It’s now much easier to quickly find a videographer or graphic designer in Los Angeles.


People App allows you to explore the latest and biggest events happening in your area which means you’ll never go bored again, Whether it be a concert, a dance class or a food festival, you’ll find it all in one place. People App is also integrated with major event-listing third parties to expand our library of events.


Whether you’re a business looking to grow or an individual looking to take the next step in your career, People App is a hub for job opportunities. The best thing about it is that it is all free and instant, you won’t have to go through any recruitment agencies and their redtape to find the perfect employer or employee. Simply search for jobs on the map or post your next hiring on the map for free reach to local and/or international talents.


People App is the swiss army knife for the modern, tech-savvy individual. As such, it also offers the ability to rent and hire everything from cars to property and holiday accommodation. On the flip side, you can list stuff to rent too and with such a wide reach, you’re bound to make a lease or two.


People App also works as a marketplace where you can buy and sell anything both locally and internationally. Listing items online has never been easier and negotiating too is much more straightforward when it’s just you and the seller involved. Buy and sell on the map without competing to be on top of a list or being limited to what you see on the first page of search results.


When it comes to freelancing, exposure is everything. By putting your work on an international platform, you open your clientele to anyone and it quickly becomes a lucrative way to make money. People App provides the opportunity for freelancers to thrive and for employers to get more proposals by posting their projects on the map.


An important part of the People App is the community it fosters. To this end, you can browse volunteers locally and internationally to get a helping hand. Alternatively, if you’re feeling generous then you too can become a volunteer and help others in need while also developing a strong and well-connected People App community. People App was created with the sole mission of helping and empowering people. We are always trying to improve the app and looking for ways to make it better for you.

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