People App features are designed and developed based on international researches and studies and a very close observation of available technologies that serve people to satisfy their needs. In most famous search engines and social medias, people or general public are considered consumers that need to connect to companies. However, in People app we believe in something totally different; we believe people (individuals) can be suppliers of lots of services as well and great things can happen when people are truly and freely connected to each other. For complete list of features click here.

Apple to Apple Comparison

Search Engines Find Companies

Search engines are built to find companies that are fortunate enough to be found & indexed.

People Finds People

People App finds the actual people that do the work based on their skills and needs using a complex algorithm.

Hard to Get Found

Just to get indexed on Search Engines you need a domain and hosting and you need to build a website, submit the sitemap and etc. It's so damn complicated for 21st century.

Easy to Get Found

On People App it takes less than only 5 minutes to go on the map and get seen and found.

There Is A List & Ranking Matters

On all other platforms there is always a search result list and it's always tough and expensive to go on top of the list to be seen.

There Is NO List NO Ranking

On People App there is absolutely NO list. Everyone is shown on the map and luckily, the map has enough room to show everyone next to each other. Equal visibility opportunity for everyone.

If you get seen & found it means you can now find others that you couldn’t see before and this means a new ERA.

Fill Out A Form

There is a very little chance to instantly talk to a real human after visiting a website or social media profile. Send us an email. Fill out a form. Call us during business hours!!!

Chat NOW - It's Live!

It’s instant - It’s live. People like people not robots or websites. You get the chance to connect and chat with others immediately and directly without any limitations.

Not Even Local Reach

As you know, most search engines and social media search results are localized based on you IP. Imagine you could easily see the search results that you could see if you were in another country now!

Borderless Local & International Reach

People App search results are on the map! Therefore all you need to do is navigate to other areas and see the results in other regions. This means thousands of new opportunities!