People App Post Categories

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March 4, 2020

People App currently has 6 different post categories; each one built to serve users’ different needs. Upon posting, all posts are visible on People App’s map, bottom carousel, auto navigation and user’s profile.

People App Post Categories include:


This category is designed to help users sell almost anything by posting it on People App. Sell category is designed to be generic enough so that users can sell almost anything from houses and cars to services.


Use the fun feature to post anything that you find to be interesting and funny 🙂 Fun post’s location can be either fixed or dynamic. most users are currently using this category to post their reviews about restaurants, memories and funny pictures from their trips and fun moments with friends.


This category is designed to help users rent almost anything to each other. Rent category is currently being used for renting apartments, cars, venues, books, … Don’t get surprised seeing a toddler for rent in People App 🙂


This is the category you can use to help your community. This category is designed for many of us who want to allocate some time to volunteer and help neighbors and the community. For example, you can use this category if you are a graphic designer and you want to volunteer 2 hours/week to teach Photoshop to your neighbors at Starbucks every Sunday from 2 to 4pm.


This is simple, if you are hiring simply post for free on People App to get applicants.


Do you have a project / gig that you need to get done? Simply post on People App, describe what needs to get done, how much is the budget and what skills do you think is required to get the job done and interested users will message you to discuss and get started.


Organizing an event? Use the power of People App to inform thousands of locals about your upcoming events and sell tickets


And this category can be used for anything that the above categories don’t cover. To increase visibility and reach, we highly recommend users to only use this category if the post don’t fit any of the other categories.