People App is Now Released on iOS and Android

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What is People App?
June 3, 2018
People App is Free (iOS, Android)
Is People App Free?
October 31, 2018
People App is Released

People App: An Innovative Platform for iOS & Android Users

There are many unique features which makes the app an ideal one

People who wish to be found based on their skills and requirements can consider the aforementioned website for the People App. It is the latest innovation which is exclusive to iOS and Android users from around the globe. There are many useful features that have been introduced in the app and it is believed to change the whole search engine optimization phenomenon towards the better.

Whenever internet users wish to search for something, they rely on the popular search engines and type their needs. Service providers and product manufacturers who wish to let people know of their existence need to create a website and make sure that it is ranked at the top of the search engines so that they are seen by the target audience. However, this is not an effective method as people with real skills and not enough capital or SEO knowledge are lost in the last pages of the search engine results.

With People App, there is no need for a website. Whether it is an individual or an entity, being found on the basis of the services and products is easier. They are able to connect with the target market and present their skills without the help of any third parties. This way, there is a greater chance that the reliable ones are able to get assignments without spending much money.

“The People App is not restricted to any particular regions. People from a different part of the world can contact you if they find you relevant to their needs. This is a feature rich platform that is now available on iTunes. The idea is to connect people with the other users and not technology driven tools. There is a live chat team that can be contacted in case of any queries.”

To obtain more information about the app, click HERE.

People App has garnered the interest of many service providers and seekers. The ease with which it can be used to get connected with people from different walks of lives makes it a popular choice. It is currently available for free in the iTunes store & Google Play.