But where is this C2C trend going?

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May 19, 2018
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May 27, 2018

In recent years, many C2C online platforms such as uber, turo, freelancer, fiverr or upwork have found their path into various markets and became industry leaders by allowing people to connect and serve each other. These companies quickly increased the size of their supply and demand and proved that people rather work with people (and not companies) for many reasons including: lower prices, better customer service, faster service and higher flexibility.

Many believe that these new C2C platforms are replacing the old search engines for services provided by people and here is why: imagine you are not familiar with Fiverr and you need to make a video for your business, what would you do? Most probably you are going to search in Google or Bing for “video making” in your city and you start calling the companies that are on the 1st page of Google results to get a quote.

In most industries C2C solutions are easier, faster and cheaper and therefore soon or late there will be C2C giants in any industry possible. Right now, for example rideshare has taken more than 80% of the available taxi transportation market and same thing is slowly happening in other markets. If the trend continues to expand at this pace, each user will end up having have to install many other apps in addition to those he/she already has to catch up to this money saving and money making trend.

But how about a universal multilateral C2C platform for everyone? That’s right, knowing where this trend is going, conducting extensive economic researches and utilizing the latest technologies People App with support of American Entrepreneurship Foundation is carefully designed and programmed to bring together all possible C2C situations under one international umbrella.

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People App is designed to help users connect easily and instantly with the rest of the word and work with others to satisfy all your needs (that you had to use a separate platform before to satisfy them) without needing to fight to be on top of a list. Based on a 2017 survey on 500 people who use common C2C platforms such as Airbnb, fiverr and search engines such as Google and Bing on day to day basis, we found that more than 80% of users find it extremely complicated, expensive and time consuming to get themselves on top of these platforms’ search results in order to be found. Therefore with the help of recent technologies People App is constructed on an interactive map where users can find each other on the map instead of a list. This “No List” ideology is expected to provide an equal opportunity for everyone to get seen and found and facilitate the existence of a free, borderless and fair environment for everyone in the world.


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