People App vs. Other Popular Freelancing Websites Worldwide

But where is this C2C trend going?
May 21, 2018
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People App vs. Other Popular Freelancing Websites Worldwide

What is People App

It is said that technology has made things easier for us from how we communicate to how we make our purchases to sharing ideas and information about new things and places. unfortunately, the same technology has not brought the true connectivity among people as it is thought to have. Many large corporations in the world are not connected to their customers and clients. In most cases, when you want to have a conversation with a company online or an online store, you will chat with a robot but not directly to another person on the other end. This is where the new and innovative People App comes in.
The People App is a platform where people from all walks of life across the globe can be seen and be found by their skills and what they need on an interactive map, and they can chat instantly without any restrictions or boundaries. Imagine you are in need of a freelance writer and instead of going through the harrowing process of signing up for those numerous freelance websites, all you have to do is to download the People App and find a writer that offers the right service you need and chat with that person directly. Isn’t that great? So what makes this app to stand out from the rest?

Easy to find and get found


On this app, you will not have to enter names or products in the search area only to be presented with several results. It will take you a few minutes to go on the map and find the person you are looking for or get found by someone else and connect from there. It is as simple as that. No more wasting time trying to find or guess things.

People find people


One of the best features of this app is that people get the chance to find other people based on what they are offering, skills and what they need. In other words, if you need a writer, you will easily find one on the map, if you need a doctor, you will find the best and so on and so forth.

Borderless local and international reach

International Freelancing App
Did you know that certain websites have restrictions on who can and cannot access their information? Internet users from other countries cannot actually access these sites. However, with People App anyone from anywhere can connect and communicate with other people all over the world.

It is instant


People enjoy talking to other people and not with robots. You will find that on most websites, you will have to chat with a robot instead of a real human being or complete a form or call and leave a voicemail. This limits your conversation and prevents you from getting what you want and limits your options. With this app, you get the opportunity to connect and chat directly with other people instantly without any restrictions.

There is no list


When you log in to the Upwork website,,, or any other site and try to search for a particular person or service, you will be presented with a list to choose from. If you are a seller seeking for buyers, you might spend a lot of money trying to increase your visibility and ranking on that list. This is time-consuming and quite expensive. However, this is not the case with the People App. There is absolutely no list and everyone is shown on the map and they all have equal visibility opportunity. You get to find the person or product you need in a few seconds.
So, what are you waiting for, simply download the People App and connect with the people you want and change how you do things or run your business today.